Here are some highlights from past events:

Being a ROBIN member is all about making connections – sharing skills and ideas, collaborating with others and providing support.  The ultimate aim is to work together for the benefit of people across Oxfordshire.

“… from attending ROBIN events for the past year or so, we now have a fabulous trustee specialising in fundraising and today a fundraiser started as well who is hugely experienced… Amazing ROBIN. You saved our charity so much time and searching for the right people. Keep on doing your great work. It is valued.” Jayne Lacny, Quest For Learning

ROBIN  was established to develop links between Oxfordshire’s businesses, public sector bodies and local charities and community groups.

If you are an Oxfordshire charity or community group and would like to request something from the network, e.g. a meeting room, a volunteer with certain expertise or a specifc need you have, your first route is to post it as a discussion through our LinkedIn group. If you need help doing this, please contact us by email at:

Local businesses are encouraged to join the growing network to make a real difference to Oxfordshire. Take a look at the benefits here and if you would like to join and be kept up to date with news of updates and events, please fill out our simple form to the right of any page on this website.  Membership is currently completely free so you have nothing to lose – why not get involved and see what you think?

Charities, community groups and public sector organisations can also register as Associate Members using the same form.

If after browsing this website you still have a question or would like more information, then please get in touch by email.

Please join the ROBIN group on LinkedIn as you will find it a valuable tool and will help you to maximise the benefits you gain through your involvement in the network.