About Us

What is ROBIN?

ROBIN (Responsible Oxfordshire Business Involvement Network) is a network of like-minded people from organisations across all sectors that was set up in 2009.  The network continues to grow strongly, and there are many impressive success stories that demonstrate how powerful collaborations and valuable links have developed between businesses and local charities.

What does ROBIN do?

Members collaborate and provide support by sharing skills and resources creatively for the benefit of the people of Oxfordshire. These can be one-off opportunities, but so often lead to the development of closer relationships and further new opportunities and associations.

How does ROBIN work?

Members from business, charities, community groups, educational institutions and public sector bodies meet each other at quarterly networking events to catch up on what’s going on and to make new connections.  Requests for support and offers of help are publicised throughout the network and via a dedicated group on LinkedIn. The requests and offers are then matched, introductions are made and collaborations take place to satisfy the requirements. We are continuing to develop and strengthen our channels of communication via Linkedin, this website as well as links on and associated sites.  We are also maximising exposure and accessibility via social media and networking, email and newsletters.